Apocalypse Climax 1 – 1995 – Nic Cramer

Apocalypse Climax 1 – 1995 – Nic Cramer

Apocalypse Climax 1

Year: 1995

Also Known As:
Private Film 25

The director Nic Cramer and Private are the creators of “Apocalypse Climax”, a fascinating vision of the darker side of sex. What at first sight seems to be a routine military mission, led by Lieutenant Shane Willbiehardt (John Dough) and the mysterious and seductive Colonel Flurtz (Melissa Hill), soon ends up becoming a sexual odyssey with the intervention of a retinue of beautiful allied KGB agents and insatiable Vietcong nymphomaniacs…

Performers: Agnes Tilli, Alberto Rey, Anita Blond, Eva Dionisio, Eva Falk, Frank Towers, Jan Hedin, Jon Dough, Jennie Jones, Laura Palmer, Melissa Hill, Stefania Sartori, Tammi Ann, Yves Baillat

Director: Nic Cramer

Size: 2.3 GiB Duration: 78 min Resolution: 768×576 Format video: MKV

Apocalypse Climax 1 – 1995 – Nic Cramer_thumb

Download link:

Apocalypse Climax 1 – 1995 – Nic Cramer.mkv

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