Come with Me My Love – 1976 – Doris Wishman

Come with Me My Love (1976)

Come with Me My Love

Year: 1976

Love making from beyond the grave is featured in this off-beat drama with a triple murder-suicide. Suddenly, lovers are electrocuted, stabbed and pushed from high places. An all-star cast highlights this sex-packed mystery. As a matter of fact, one of the networks liked it so much, they wanted to edit the major sex scenes and premiere it as a major attraction! One of the longest running adult films ever made.

Performers: Annie Sprinkle, Ed Marshall, Jeffrey Hurst, Levi Richards, Michael Gaunt, Roger Caine, Nancy Dare, R. Bolla, Terry Austin, Ursula Austin, Vanessa del Rio

Director: Doris Wishman

Size: 1.3 GiB Duration: 73 min Resolution: 622×476 Format video: MKV

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