Hard Action – 1971 – F.W. Hubert

Hard Action - 1971 - F.W. Hubert

Hard Action

Year: 1971

After Hours Cinema presents a grindhouse feature called “Hard Action”. It’s a classic game of cops and robbers when the meaningless wife of a twerp has her beaver snatched. A robber broke into a cop’s home and has sex with his beautiful babe. To add injury to insult, the robber even decides the other ladies in the home need to come with him and become his trophies.

Performers: Sandi Carey, Jill Sweete, Norman Field, Nora Wieternik, Ralph Stephens

Director: F.W. Hubert

Size: 906 Mb Duration: 60 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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Download link:

Hard Action – 1971 – F.W. Hubert.mp4

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