Shiela’s Payoff – 1977 – Bob Kirk

Shiela’s Payoff – 1977 – Bob Kirk

Shiela’s Payoff

Year: 1977

One of the earliest blue movies featuring some superb acting from all involved and a crime plot that will make you remember “Reservoir Dogs,” but adds some emotional interest. The various situations are all well paced, as is the sexual payoff that Sheila encounters – with quite a bevy of horny friends along for the ride. Of special note are some early screen appearances of now legendary woodsmen – Paul Thomas and the debut of Don Fernando. A good mix of decadence!

Performers: Don Fernando, Jeff Lyle, Delania Raffino, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder, Flower, Sonya Spizer, Mimi Morgan, Paul Thomas

Director: Bob Kirk

Size: 696 Mb Duration: 58 min Resolution: 640×464 Format video: AVI

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