Strangers – 1972 – Anthony Spinelli

Strangers - 1972 - Anthony Spinelli


Year: 1972

Paul is married to Andrea and they love each other very much but have become bored in the bedroom. They’ve tried all sorts of role-play fantasies and kinky sex, but decide to buy a swinger’s magazine out of curiosity. They decide to meet up with Tom and Marie, who owns a 32-foot yacht. They have a good swap session but want to keep looking. They finally end up at the Venus Swing Club but are surprised by what they see.

Performers: Alan Richards, Andy Bellamy, Jane Tsentas, Lisa Marie, George Peters, Starlyn Simone, Paul Scharf, Quentin James, Rene Bond, Rick Lutze

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Size: 674 Mb Duration: 70 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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