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Come with Me My Love – 1976 – Doris Wishman

Come with Me My Love (1976)

Come with Me My Love Year: 1976 Love making from beyond the grave is featured in this off-beat drama with a triple murder-suicide. Suddenly, lovers are electrocuted, stabbed and pushed from high places. An all-star cast highlights this sex-packed mystery….

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Satan Was a Lady – 1976 – Doris Wishman

Satan Was a Lady – 1976 – Doris Wishman

Satan Was a Lady Year: 1976 Satan Was a Lady attempts to deliver a dark plot to its audience with dark haired buxom babes frolicking and fucking as the backdrop. Whether it succeeds or not is really subjective, but what…

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Amours collectives – 1976 – Jean-Pierre Bouyxou

Amours collectives – 1976 – Jean-Pierre Bouyxou

Amours collectives Year: 1976 Also Known As: Glissements de tes reins Französische Perversionen Histoire d’X

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Love Thy Neighbors – 1972

Love Thy Neighbors – 1972

Love Thy Neighbors Year: 1972

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Who doesn’t love the Sordid Seventies? It was a different time back then. People were more free-spirited and more inclined to let it all hang out. This decade marked a major shift in fashion and society. Your conservative views from the ’60s made way for disco fever. You’ve embraced your inner hippie by focusing on your own identity and beginning the journey of self-discovery. As far as movies go, you got Jaws, Star Wars, and the very moody and inspiring Taxi Driver. Also, it was the ’70s when pornography finally became legal in the US. The culture also shifted thanks to TV shows like Saturday Night Live and M*A*S*H while the music scene was dominated by hard rock (its meteoric rise was inadvertently triggered by the break-up of The Beatles, by the way).

All of the above-mentioned shifts and pivotal moments of this decades-spanning era are precisely why the decade justly holds a special place in every person’s heart. Also, it’s one of the reasons why porn from the seventies is still so fucking popular. In this category, we gathered some of the most popular releases from that decade and we did our best not to let any subpar content slip through. Ready to see which ones made the cut?

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These movies are all one-of-a-kind and have not been cleaned up in any way whatsoever. There are almost no soulless remasters or anything like that, so you’re getting the most authentic experience you can possibly imagine. The scenes are not available in jaw-dropping 4k Ultra-HD because they were recorded in the era when most high-quality porn was only used in porn theaters. That said, we do verify the hotness of the scenes, meaning that you will only get the best porn we’ve come across. If we see that some other site uploaded a scene that is blurry or otherwise inferior, we’ll never allow it to be included in our collection.

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